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It’s Playtime! : Big Art Edition


Creating Art while sitting just doesn't do it in this house. To get Henry the most involved [and happy while doing it], I come up with ways to make art that gets him moving as well.The best way to do this? Make the art big! The It's Playtime posts that catch my eye the most are the ones with Big Art!  More specifically, Big Art that uses body ...

Playtime Series : Messy Kids


------------ Meet Rachele from Messy Kids! [This is part two in a series of features on the play based hosts of It's Playtime!] ------------ Messy Kids is a play based blog written by Rachele, and is focused on thecreative process of art.Rachele lives in San Diego and sidekicks her blog as a clown!    This canvas art that her son, Michael, made is outstanding and really ...